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Opens Door Of Liver

Opens Door Of Liver

A group of man which is just dies gets self they are standing queues in front of eternity/the beyond spandrels. While Bess awaiting justice Allah, they start interrogates is thyself about behavior of they are in world.

'' Did I become old fellow who is good?'' '' Do I successfully reach thing withing in life me?'' '' Am my having religious service diligent along the length of night?'' '' Do I enough donations to poor fakir?'' And, when finally they reach scoundrel, all the souls is confronted [by] only by one questions, '' How big you formerly loves?''

Loves others is stepping is first from covering ground to come into myself. Journey into myself of course do not easy. Many people surrenders when has just started it. Everyday workload often becomes reason. But, causative actually non that. Problem actually is door of our liver closed, even is locked. This makes ear we do not hear and eye we do not see. We will never can start journey before finding the key, be '' love and affection.''

Without existence of love at humanity, door of spandrels towards inmost awareness will never open. Big religions in world actually has unique message: affection. Even, God always described as The Enamoured and The Most Humane. With different language of all religions always tells: '' Swankily others! You has not believed before can love others as you to love yourself myself.''

Statement is upper is really awful! This really explains that progress measure of your spiritual are not at how diligent of you is having religious service to God. Essenes believing in is not determined by the many my ruthenium's and scud which you does, but at how big you loves others. Learning loves is life target spiritual.

One of practical way to develop position of love love is by starting conscious of grief. Aware of grief - don't know that is our own grief or others grief - will make liver we to soften.

Let us starts with a story. In a SD a teacher asks to its(the pupils, '' Who this breakfast has?'' About as of pupil pair pass makes gestures. The teacher then enquires to children that is is not makes gestures, '' Why all of you not breakfast?'' Some of replying do not have time to since have already overdue. Partly again tells had not fee led hungry, and or do not like breakfast presented.

All giving answer as of tone except one child's. '' Because,'' its(the reply, '' Now non my innings.'' '' Non your innings?'' question of the teacher. '' Does your intention?'' '' In family we are there are four child's,'' he said, '' But, father do not have enough moneys to buy food so that every body breakfast can every day. We must be in rotation and today non my innings.''

Does you feel when reading this story? What also your feeling reads news about Hereunto ( 12 years) almost dies sticking neck into nooses in its(the house. He is hopeless because its(the old fellow not able to give money for its(the school duty. Though money asked by it RP only 2500!

People like this at around us. But, sometime we cannot see it because eye we are closed. Actually is closed is our liver eye. This can happened because liver we fulfilled by our own ego and importance. We are too much laughing and stirring interacts with people is having Pu it. This makes liver we are closed.

To implement love gives we need to start by loving our myself, then people closest we. Sees them with your liver. Isn't it true your old fellow are man that is volunteer sacrifices its(the life for you? Isn't it true your couple are man who has chosen delivers its(the life to you? Isn't it true your children hardly admires you and is longing for togetherness with you? Isn't it true your assistant are pauper who devoted its(the life to serve you? Always extends by observing people around you. They were all has each grief and challenge.

a wise have ever told, '' When you sees your myself doesn't differ in from others, when you feels does they feel, then who can you hurt?'' This is way is growing love. We all is same in consequence doesn't have ever assessed people from appearance of its(the physical. Body is not our self actually but only merely ' hook ' from soul. Soul that is Essenes man who real.

But, feels has just is love start. Love that is actually shall be realized by giving a talk on something to.

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