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The science better than possession

He science better than possession. Science takes care of you and you to take care of possession. The science punishment ( judge) and possession is punished. The less possession if expended but science to increase if expended.
- Saidina Ali bin Abi Talib
Someone value as according to its(the intention rate, its(the integrity as according to its(the humanity rate, its(the bravery as according to its(the rejection rate to devilment and chastity of its(the conscience as according to its(the sensitivity rate to self honour - Khalifah Ali bin Abi Talib
Man is having on the brain effect [of] something decision or action, until if(when s(he will not become man which dare - Khalifah Ali bin Abi Talib
Man who is sensible is man is liking receives and asks advice - Saidina Umar bin Al-khatab
Whomever who clear of its(the heart, will be improve;repaired God also at real in its(the face. - Saidina Umar bin Al-khatab
People who likes saying honestly gets three things, trust, love, and respect. - Saidina Ali bin Abi Thalib

There is no kindness for discussion except with deed.
There is no kindness for possession except with philanthropy.
There is no kindness for friend except with faithfulness.
There is no kindness for alms except nifty which candid.
There is no kindness for life except health and security and safety.

- Al-ahnaf bin Qais
Hatim Azzahid says : 4 case that is unknown its(the rate but by 4 case
1) Unknown young of its(the rate but by old fellow
2) Prosperity ( peacefulness) unknown its(the rate but by man who hit army
3) Unknown health of its(the rate but by man who is ill
4) Unknown life of its(the rate but by man who has died

Life likes your liver, in fact you surely died. Loves whosoever which you to think much of, in fact you will surely apart with his(its. Does any kind of which you to desire, in fact you will obtain its(the reciprocation. And remembers that with the difficulty always will arise hobby - Ibnu Abbas
Three kinds of except to unknown three kinds:
1. Man who unknown is patient except when fulminating.
2. Man which dare to unknown except when war
3. unknown you except when hungering ( there is importance)
- Luqman Al-Hakim

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